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Our activities

Mediator Co. Ltd. offers a complete range of products and services that meet the requirements of the most complex applications in the field of corrosion protection in industrial, marine, mining industry, offshore, nuclear, etc. Our company’s goal is to provide a full range of related services, tailor made solutions in the field of anticorrosion protection, logistic and technical assistance during performing the work, thus guaranteeing the quality of the job, your investment and a clean and safe environment.

Ballast Water Treatment and various ship equipment

EGANA CAUCHO-METAL – Established in 1960, it produces antivibration mounts, rubber shock absorbers, metal shock absorbers and other rubber-metal parts for machine tools and machines. Over the course of the activity, more than 2.5 million mounts have already been sold worldwide. The wide range of these mounts allows the choice of the right size for each car, depending on the weight of the car and the number of fastening points, thus achieving a high performance of the car support and an optimal price. Besides, the company also produces rubber-metal shock absorbers, anti-vibration carpets and anti-slip mats. Read More.

ERMA FIRST BWTS ballast water treatment system fully comply with International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM). ERMA FIRST FIT is a whole flow electrolytic Ballast Water Treatment System, designed especially for the demanding retrofit market where space limitation, efficient performance in challenging conditions, flexibility in installation and capital cost are the key issues that a BWTS would have to satisfy.
Water filtration is done in two stages,1-stage filtration by fully automatic self-cleaning 40micron filter, followed by disinfection through whole flow electrolysis by generation of only 4-6 ppm(mg/l) of free chlorine by the salts of the water.Brochure download or read more about ballast water treatment. Download brochure or Read more.

MARITA HELLAS S.A. is an established company in the field of marine Safety poviding total solutions in respect of Safety and Life Saving Appliances onboard with and experience of more than 35 years.See more

Aluminox Company Manufacturers of Galley Equipment.Our range of products includes the following categories: Preparation Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Food Serving Equipment, Dish Washing Equipment, Bar & Pantry Equipment, Refrigeration & Laundry Equipment, Self Service & Stainless Steel Furniture. Brochure download or check our reference list.

FARAD We have been designing and manufacturing high quality marine Heat Exchangers, since 1979. Using the highest standards for our staff, our associates and our raw material suppliers, while employing a state of the art technology and knowhow, we are proud to say that we can meet technical challenges beyond imagination. Manufacturers of Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, Oil Coolers, Water Coolers, Steam Condensers, Heaters, MGO Cooling System. See more

A. Mallios the well known and sought after brand for the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures as well as for the commerce of electrical equipment for ships. See more

D. Koronakis S.A. is the leading company in the manufacturing of ropes and wire ropes in Europe and one of the largest companies worldwide. See more

ELVIK S.A. , established in 1982, is the pioneer in incombustible materials (B-15 class) manufacturing in Greece, i.e. panels, doors, ceilings etc. These materials can be used for interior spaces and arrangements in vessels, according to SOLAS 1974 with latest amendments, or in buildings (land constructions). The design of our materials is our own patent and we also have certificates for them from well-known International Test Houses (Lloyd’s Register, Danish Fire Institute, Lydteknisk Institut etc.). See more

Other marine grade products:

  • Oil Water Separator, Poseidon Evo
  • Sewage Treatment Plant, Triton m
  • Fresh Water Generator, Alios Evo

These products are fully IMO Type Approved from the Greek Administration while we hold LLOYDS REGISTER Classification Approval. Brochure download

Consulting and protection systems for marine, industrial, oil&gas and civil engineering

Activitatile oferite de Mediator Co. Ltd. in domeniile naval, industrial, petrol si gaze naturale, constructii civile:
asistenta tehnica, supervizare si inspectie
instruire si certificare in conformitate cu normele DVWGW-GW 15 pentru aplicarea materialelor pentru izolatii
certificare a protectiilor anticorozive
project management pentru intretinere si constructii noi.

Protection and insulation systems for metal and concrete

Protection and insulation systems for metal and concrete specific to industrial (including oil and gas), marine and nuclear. Among these products we may include:

  • paints, primers and sealants
  • fire resistant intumescent paint
  • pipes and pipe repair anticorrosion and repair systems
  • thermal and hydro insulation systems
  • special fire protection systems in nuclear and oil & gas exploitation
  • sacrificial anodes for marine and industrial usage
  • insulation systems based on epoxy resin with high UV resistance

Manufacture and distribution of TOTALFIX systems

TOTALFIX systems are structural repair systems based on composite materials for equipment or pressurized pipes made of steel, cooper, cast iron, aluminium, pexal, polypropilene and PVC. TOTALFIX products are designed, developed and produced entirely by Mediator Co. Ltd. SRL and are patented.

Fields of use for our products are:

  • oil refineries equipment
  • gas distribution
  • water distribution and sewage
  • LNG/LPG pipeline network
  • all kind of petroleum products
  • electrical power plants
  • chemical industry

Benefits of using TOTALFIX products:

  • exterior repair of the defects can be done without interrupting the operation of the facility thus avoiding losses caused by interrupting the technological processes.
  • application system does not require welding operations that may require special approvals or approvals in certain environments (eg. fire-restricted areas)
  • repair execution time is very short compared to conventional methods
  • the application of TOTALFIX system can be made on defective parts regardless of nature of damage (corrosion or other external factors) with loss of thickness of up to 80%, prophylactic or in order to repair the perforations.

A correct repair in concordance with implementing technology, restore 100% of material caracteristic.

Anticorrosion protection system

Mediator Co. Ltd. is an active presence in the anticorrosion and coatings product market. Sacrificial anodes offered by our company are used in all fields for active protection against corrosion. For passive protection against corrosion we supply materials and technology which include:

  • industrial anticorrosive paint
  • marine anticorrosive paint
  • anticorrosive paint for nuclear equipment and facilities
  • blasting material-Grit
  • corrosion protection systems for gas pipeline
  • concrete waterproofing systems

Protection for pipeline network

For pipeline network we offer solution for passive anticorrosion protection with paints, self-amalgamation tape, or active protection with sacrificial anodes or induced currents. External mechanical protection or thermal insulation of pipe networks is done by with composite materials. We offer solutions for:

  • ground-air transitions for underground pipes, over passing water courses, various connections for adjustments/measuring stations, etc
  • mechanical protection outside the pipe installed by means of directional drilling
  • external mechanical protection of thermal insulation at regulating stations equipped with heaters for natural gas

Sandblasting materials and accessories

Sandblasting materials sold by Mediator Co. Ltd. are used to prepare surfaces that are subject to be covered with recomended corrosion protection systems.

Repair and painting systems for wind turbine blades

Import and distribution of special protection systems for wind turbines’ composite blades.

Outdoor equipment

The versatility of our product is what makes it truly exciting, as well as seeing it used in households, industrial worksites and commercial workplaces to make life easier and more efficient. Unlock your imagination, and you will discover many more unique uses for the Kwik Bandit.

The easy connect system makes Kwik Bandit very simple to use, just stretch it, wrap it and lock it in place. The Kwik Bandit can be used for almost any need. If you spend any time out of doors you have bungee cords, zip ties and straps in your possession. Check product options and specs.

Other activities

Sale of equipment, machinery:

  • systems, equipment and tools, for surface preparation
  • paint application equipment and specific tools
  • measurement and control equipment
  • Diagnosis by non-destructive methods of pipelines including guided waves

Technical assistance in applying delivered protection systems.
Training in the field of protection systems application and proper use of equipment, facilities or equipment.

Mediator Co Ltd distribuitor international paint, akzo nobel, wilckens
Agrement Tehnic in Constructii Romania Mediator Co Ltd distribuitor international paint akzo nobel wilckens
Mediator Co Ltd SRL distribuitor international paint akzo nobel
Mediator Co Ltd SRL distribuitor international paint

Professional anticorrosion systems