About Mediator Co. Ltd.

Mediator Co. Ltd. operates since 1991 in selling professional anticorrosive coating products, providing also know how, technical services, solutions and specialized systems. The company’s management is provided by Mr. Victor Costachescu, Executive Director and Expert in Foreign Trade with a vast experience in land and maritime transport. Mediator Co. Ltd is certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 by quality management certificates RO19932Q/1 and RO19932E/1 issued by Bureau Veritas.

A convincing and systematic economist with 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, commerce, procurement, distribution and international finance. An exponent of maintaining a balance between nature, society, and human development. More details about Victor Costachescu’s work are available here. Mediator Co. Ltd. offers a complete range of products and services that meet the requirements of the most complex applications in the field of corrosion protection in industrial, marine, mining industry, offshore, nuclear, etc.

Our company’s goal is to provide a full range of related services, starting by determining the technical capability of the beneficiary correlated with the performance required for optimal protection and solution design and ending by goods’ delivery from our stock. We assist our clients during performance of their work, thus guaranteeing the quality of the job, the investment and the environmental sustainability.

Mediator Co Ltd distribuitor international paint, distribuitor akzo nobel, distribuitor wilckens
Mediator Co Ltd distribuitor international paint, distribuitor akzonobel, distribuitor wilckens romania

Mediator Co. Ltd. have 4 offices in Romania: Bucharest, Braila, Targu-Mures and Constanta. Company Head office is located in Bucharest, 43, Bd. Marasesti-Sector 4. At Constanta our company keeps in stock a wide range of our products. Technical activity concerning coatings for corrosion protection systems is concentrated in Braila office. TOTALFIX systems-for current and structural repairs of pipeline network were designed and developed at our office in Targu Mures. At the same office is conducted technical and commercial activity and services for oil and gas.

Total storage capacity of our warehouses is 200,000 liters. We keep in stock at all times at least 50,000 liters, or 20 to 30% of storage capacity. For products and quantities in stock, our distribution and delivery system ensures prompt delivery of goods to the customers in maximum 48 hours time.

The objectives of our work:

  • Full satisfaction of all requirements and expectations of our customers by offering products and services at the highest standards, in order to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Permanent concern in obtaining the Certified Supplier status from the companies who work in our specific field and market.
  • Providing a consolidated position for Mediator Co. Ltd.-in terms of quality of the products and services and fast reaction in dealing with customers’ requirements.
  • We strive to address and adapt to the market by being flexible and consider our clients growing and diverse demands.
Mediator Co Ltd distribuitor international paint, distribuitor akzo nobel, distribuitor wilckens
Mediator Co Ltd distribuitor international paint, akzo nobel, wilckens
Agrement Tehnic in Constructii Romania Mediator Co Ltd distribuitor international paint akzo nobel wilckens
Mediator Co Ltd SRL distribuitor international paint akzo nobel
Mediator Co Ltd SRL distribuitor international paint

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